It’s Been A Minute…

It’s been two years since I last wrote a blog post. My last post was published on New Year’s Day in 2022, and in it I mentioned starting the year with a sense of (cautious) optimism. Well, I can’t lie, life came along and slapped that optimism out of me pretty sharpish. Death in my family, near death incidents, work, study, and a very severe deterioration of my mental health stripped away that optimism and shattered all my goals and intentions for the year. My focus for 2022 became about trying to survive. That meant doing no more than the absolute minimum necessary to get through each day, until the end of the year finally came. Until my attempts to think clearly stopped feeling like trying to swim through a sea of molasses. Taking such an extended break from blogging became an unintended consequence.

2023 was markedly better. Finishing my course and the huge exam period I went through that summer was immensely stressful, but hey – I got through it, and with a distinction to boot! Now that I am on the other side and have crossed the finish line, I’ve been able to reset, refocus and reprioritise. Goals have been updated. Time has been set aside.

Initially, I questioned whether I wanted to come back to this blog. That self doubt that I wrote about way back in 2019 had worked its way back in. I thought about the time and investment it takes, financially and otherwise. I thought about the way life has pretty consistently slapped me about over the last few years, in turn affecting my consistency with the blog. But then I remembered why I started Purple Hued Views in the first place. I started this blog in the wake of the Windrush Scandal, as an outlet for me to express my views on the socio-political issues that eat at me as a Black woman from the diaspora. I also started it as an outlet to discuss and share my love of literature (I’m a book nerd, ok?). These passions haven’t gone anywhere. If anything, they have intensified as this country continues on its journey to fascism and becomes more and more unsafe for minoritised communities along the way. There is so much literature (both coming out and already written) that I’m hungry to get into. I still have a lot to say, so why not use this platform I created to say it? I’ve had a few people over the last few months ask me if my blog is even still in existence and if I still write. I think being asked this question is proof that my posts were providing some value, somewhere, and that served as further motivation for me to come back.

Sooo…What to Expect?

I’ll be back to writing posts on the contemporary issues that move me. I’ll be back to writing reviews and articles about books. But there’s something new. I’ve created a new space on the site for my own creative writing. As some of you may know, an old hobby of mine was writing fiction. It’s a hobby I’m picking up again and I’ve decided to start sharing that with you all. 

Sooo…What Do We Do Now?

I hope you all are happy to see me again. If you haven’t already, subscribe to my newsletter to be the first to know when a new post goes live, plus other content. If you’re on social media, you can follow me on Instagram, Threads, Pinterest and TikTok* – @purplehuedviews for them all.

See you soon!

*I’m new to Pinterest and TikTok, so please bear with!

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