Welcome to Purple Book Club!

If you’re here then chances are that, like me, you love to read and want to be a part of my online book club!  Here at Purple Book Club we’ll read books from a range of genres and authors and discuss them: their great moments, messages, characters, pitfalls and whatever else tickles our fancy. Let’s do this…


How it works

  1. Every month we’ll choose a book. Notice I said “we” – this is not going to be purely dictated by me; I want my members to take an active part in the club, otherwise what’s the point? I also love getting recommendations from all over as it adds that crucial diversity to my bookshelf, so if you have a great suggestion be sure to get involved!
  2. I’ll set a date for an online “meet”, where I’ll post my thoughts/review and get a conversation going.  However, that won’t be the beginning – while we’re reading feel free to post your thoughts and comments on how you’re getting on and how you like it (just make sure you highlight any potential spoilers!).
  3. Follow this page and/or the club’s Instagram page for updates, new book selections, recommendations etc.


Have fun and let’s get reading!